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Engaging English is produced by MetaMetrics, the developer of Lexile measures. We initially launched Engaging English in July of 2010, and we welcomed our first member (from South Korea) within minutes. Thousands more around the globe joined her during our first year of service. However, our story began much earlier…

In 1986, MetaMetrics was founded around the simple belief that test scores can be more useful. After years of research, The Lexile® Framework for Reading was born as a powerful, scientific way to connect assessment with learning. Today, more than thirty million students receive Lexile measures each year through dozens of popular assessment and learning programs. We have measured hundreds of millions of books and articles. And our research is highly regarded for its distinct value across education.

Our broad success in reading enabled us to expand our research and development initiatives. This produced The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics and The Lexile® Framework for Writing, which made fast gains in adoption for their own distinct capabilities. We also began exciting new work on next-generation assessments and personalized learning tools. This yielded many ideas, prototypes, and studies that produced new advanced technologies for improving reading. The disruptive potential came quickly into focus for us.

Late in 2009, we officially embarked on our Engaging English journey. We built Engaging English as a passion and showcase for our latest technology, and as a means to directly support English language learners worldwide. We haven’t looked back. Today, our global services team leads Engaging English forward with tireless vision and dedication. Each day, we make it better. Our singular goal is to provide our members with the best reading service on the planet. Period.

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